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The most recent quantity within the sequence concentrates, as continually, at the part century earlier than and the century after 1066, with papers that have many interconnections and variety throughout other kinds of historical past. there's a specific specialise in church historical past, with contributions on an Anglo-Saxon archiepiscopal handbook, structure and liturgy in post-Conquest Lincolnshire, Anglo-Norman cathedral chapters, and twelfth-century perspectives of the tenth-century monastic reform. different themes thought of contain social historical past (the Anglo-Norman family), gender (William of Malmesbury's illustration of Bishop Wulfstan of Worcester), and politics (the sheriffs of Northumberland and Cumberland 1170-1185). the amount is done with articles on Domesday publication and the post-Domesday Evesham Abbey surveys, and a double paper on land tenure and royal patronage. individuals: STEPHEN BAXTER, JOHN BLAIR, HOWARD CLARKE, TRACEY-ANN COOPER, HUGH DOHERTY, PAUL EVERSON, DAVID STOCKER, KIRSTEN FENTON, VANESSA KING, JOHN MOORE, NICOLA ROBERTSON, DAVID ROFFE

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The hypothesis that mid Anglo-Saxon Bampton was the centre of a large territory, and had ‘directional satellites’, would account for the place-names (Brize) Norton, the norð-tÃn to the north of Bampton,59 and Aston, the «ast-tÃn to the east. It is impossible to determine when this configuration came into being, but it certainly existed in the mid-tenth century since the 53 GDB 154b1 (Oxon. 1/6). : GDB 154b1 (Oxon. 1/1). For ‘hundredal manors’, see H. M. Cam, ‘Manerium cum Hundredo: The Hundred and the Hundredal Manor’, in her Liberties and Communities in Medieval England: Collected Studies in Local Administration and Topography, Cambridge 1944, 64–90, with reference to Bampton at 76.


XIII, 1. 52 Ibid. 6–7, 48; J. Blair, Anglo-Saxon Oxfordshire, Stroud 1994, 62–4; J. Blair, ‘Bampton: An Anglo-Saxon Minster’, Current Archaeology 160, 1998, 124–30; J. Blair, The Church in Anglo-Saxon Society, Oxford 2005, references in index. Table 2 below presents the basic data. Map 1. Bampton hundred and royal patronage in late Anglo-Saxon England Notes 1. The map is based on a map of Bampton hundred c. 1880 printed in VCH Oxon. XIII, 2. The boundaries are all parish boundaries in 1880 except as follows: Grafton and Radcot were in Langford parish; Weald, Lew, Aston, Cote, Chimney, Shifford, and Brighthampton were all in Bampton parish; and Crawley, Hailey, Curbridge, and Witney were all in Witney parish.

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