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By Gabrielle V. Novacek

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On January 29, 2005, the Oriental Institute celebrated the authentic public commencing of the Haas and Schwartz Megiddo Gallery. This get together marked the go back of a few of the main remarkable artifacts ever excavated within the southern Levant to everlasting public reveal. The Oriental Institute's prolific historical past of exploration within the sector is testomony to a long-standing scholarly ardour for discovery and the pursuit of data. This quantity attracts from the momentum generated via the hole of the Megiddo Gallery and provides a range of highlights from the Institute's higher Israel assortment.

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The surfaces were then burnished and painted with a variety of motifs in red and black on the upper part of the body. These motifs were typically arranged into windows, or metopes, separated by triglyphs. Within the metopes, ibexes, birds, and fish were all commonly depicted. ONE OF THE MOST Early studies of Bichrome Ware postulated that many vessels could be ascribed to a single workshop in the vicinity of Tell el-‘Ajjul (located in modern Gaza City). Since then, a more rigorous evaluation of the clay sources used to create the vessels, as well as their shapes, has demonstrated that the ware is in fact of Cypriot origin and was distributed across a wide region including much of Egypt and the Levant.

A marked absence of fortifications at the Canaanite cities in this period suggests that the local rulers were not permitted to build their own defensive systems. At Megiddo, there was a large ceremonial gate which led to the palace upon entering the city, but there was no city wall. A remarkable archive of documents from the Egyptian royal city of El-Amarna has provided scholars with an unparalleled glimpse into the complex relationships between the city-states of the southern Levant in the context of vassalage.

Astarte would later continue as the principle goddess in Phoenician religion. Astarte has been connected to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and was also adopted by the ancient Egyptians as a lunar goddess and the daughter of Ra or Ptah. The cult of Astarte appears in the Bible as a competitor with ancient Israelite religion with one of the clearest examples occurring in relation to the “Queen of Heaven,” the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar, equivalent to the Canaanite Astarte. The writings of Jeremiah, dated several centuries later, describe the women of Judah making special cakes and burnt offerings as part of her rituals: Don’t you see what they are doing in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem?

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