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By Eric W. Robinson

ISBN-10: 0631233938

ISBN-13: 9780631233930

Democracy is likely one of the maximum innovations of the traditional Greeks. This publication invitations readers to enquire the phenomenon of old Greek democracy for themselves, from its earliest roots within the archaic interval to its visual appeal and improvement in Athens.

The booklet is produced from six chapters, proposing questions of constant curiosity and controversy. each encourages readers to have interaction with historical texts in translation and to determine how modern classical students have received insights from them. each one can be utilized as a self-contained unit to discover a specific element of historical democratic govt. Taken as a complete, the ebook presents readers with an in depth assessment of old Greek democracy and the present kingdom of its examine. For ease of use, the booklet comprises maps, a word list, and an index.

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First I have lost my noble father, who once was king among all you here and ruled you as gently as a father; then something far worse has befallen me, which before long will ruin my house altogether and bring to nothing my means of living. My mother, greatly to her distress, has been beset by suitors, sons of the greatest nobles here. They dare not go to the house of lcarius her father so that he in person might receive bride-gifts for his daughter, giving her to any suitor he pleased who was acceptable to herself.

But he, crying the words aloud, scolded Agamemnon: ‘Son of Atreus, what thing further do you want, or find fault with now? Your shelters are filled with bronze, there are plenty of the choicest women for you within your shelter, whom we Achaians give to you first of all whenever we capture some stronghold. Or is it still more gold you will be wanting, that some son of the Trojans, breakers of horses, brings as ransom out of Ilion, one that I, or some other Achaian, capture and bring in? Is it some young woman to lie with in love and keep her all to yourself apart from the others?

Never then will I utter the word you ask. If your own hearts reproach you now, leave my halls and look for your feasts elsewhere, changing from house to house 24 PRELUDE T O DEMOCRACY to consume possessions that are your own. But if to yourselves it seems a better thing, a more desirable thing, to waste one man’s substance and go scot-free - so be it, waste on! ” So spoke Telemachus, and Zeus the Thunderer in response sent forth two eagles to fly down from a mountain height. For a while they flew as the wind wafted them, straining their wings side by side, but when they were right above the assembly-place with its hum of voices, they wheeled about and shook their thick feathers, sweeping low over all those there and boding death; then with their talons they tore at each other’s cheeks and necks and sped away to the right, over the town and houses.

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