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By H. Berckhemer, K. Hsü

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Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Geodynamics Series.

The ultimate record on geodynamic study within the Alpine-Mediterranean sector will be incomplete with no short ancient cartoon at the constitution and actions of ICG-Working staff three. it may even be seemed an appreciation to the participants and sponsors of the operating team who've taken, over decades, an lively half within the lifetime of the operating crew and thereby contributed to the outstanding growth in our wisdom and knowing of the geological evolution of this advanced area.


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However, Permian and older continental margins should still be detectable, as should the presumed calcalkaline igneous activity contemporaneous with its disappearence in Triassic or later time. Smith [1971] pointed out the need to seek the Africa • Fig. 18. The original surrounding continents Fig. 31b]. I shape of the Tethys and according to Carey [1958, TECTONIC Copyright American Geophysical Union SYNTHESES 29 Geodynamics Series Alpine-Mediterranean Geodynamics Mesozoic carbonate platforms of the circumMediterranean region all lay south of the Mesozoic Tethys and represent deposits on its southern continental margin.

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