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Alexander's dying used to be no longer unpredictable: he suffered repeated wounds in the course of his lifetime, and a couple of introduced him close to loss of life; he drank an excessive amount of; he built a fever, within which he endured to drink an excessive amount of; he believed he used to be a god; he passed over his doctor's tips; he used to be confronted with large difficulties which he deliberate to steer clear of through occurring crusade ... As a last act of irresponsibility, while requested to whom Read more...

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1 Sparta refused to be involved; but then Sparta had been the main loser in the war, having been deprived of its ancient conquests in Arkadia and Messenia, and of its hegemony over the rest of Greece. The condition of Greece at the peace was thus one in which the old powers were diminished, but in which new powers had not yet emerged. Sparta’s loss of empire was mirrored by Athens’ difficulties in holding members to its new league, which they perceived as scarcely needed now that Sparta had been reduced.

But they were disappointed in the outcome: Ptolemy was confirmed in his position, a humiliation, but it certainly stopped his competitors from rebelling; Pelopidas left with another set of hostages, including Ptolemy’s own son Philoxenos. 45 Ptolemy’s authority was reduced to the original Macedonian kingdom, from the north slopes of Olympos to Almopia, and east to the Axios valley. The eastern area beyond the Axios had gone, much of Chalkidike was hostile, as Pausanias’ career showed, and the western hill-kingdoms had all slipped away into independence or the Illyrian orbit.

There is no sign of similar trouble in any part of the empire east of Syria. Babylonia, Iran and Baktria were all calm and loyal, and Artaxerxes II, king since 405, was able to concentrate on his western problems without being interrupted or disturbed. He was tough and persistent, but constantly suspicious. Repeatedly he recalled his generals when they were on the verge of victory, perhaps because he could not trust them to be loyal if they were victorious – he had, after all, been attacked by his own brother as soon as he had inherited the throne.

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