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Wrap another wire on the circular hoop. 7. Dip it in soap solution. 5. This increases the surface area. This enables you to pick up more soap solution and make bigger soap bubbles. 8. You will see a soap film on the hoop. 10. Twist the wire on a rectangular piece of wood. 33 11. To make a rectangular soap bubble blower. 12. Make two circular bubble blowers. 13. Dip them in soap solution and bring them close. 15. Finally the pattern will break into two. 14. Now slowly separate them to see a beautiful conic section.

Generations of young people had grown up on his books, especially the classic King Matt the First, which tells of the adventures and tribulations of a boy king who aspires to bring reforms to his subjects. He set up orphanages in the dark slums of Warsaw and lived among children in real life, not just in the imagination, for he saw them as the salvation of the world. Janusz Korczak was born Henryk Goldszmit – a Polish Jew. But he would be by his pseudonym Janusz Korczak that he would be remembered.

Stretch the opening of the balloon on the mouth of the bottle. 2. Now try and blow the balloon. No matter how strong you are, or how hard you try you will not be able to inflate the balloon. The reason is simple. The air inside the bottle exerts a pressure and prevents the balloon from inflating. BLOW OUT! WASTED BREATH Hold a candle so that the flame is in the centre of the wide end of a funnel. Now try to blow out the candle. No matter how hard you huff and puff, the flame doesn’t go out. Instead, it strangely flickers towards the funnel.

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