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By Anne Bouie

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During this inspiring booklet, Anne Bouie information her paintings with underachieving city early life and their households at undertaking Interface, a math and technology enrichment software, the place she constructed a different method of elevating success. Bouie argues that instead of deciding on deficits and dysfunctions within the kin, a more suitable process makes a speciality of the strengths and builds at the inherent resilience of the group. She describes the layout and implementation of a collaboratively equipped, community-based after-school enrichment software that labored.

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Phyllis Waller of the Coro Foundation in San Francisco selected PI as one of the community placement sites for Coro Fellows for several years. The Fellows were bright and creative, became a part of the staff, and made lasting contributions to the program. The title “study group leader” (SGL) was coined by Coro Fellow John Heffernan. Prior to his joining us, we had struggled with an adequate descriptor. Even though our students referred to them as “tutors,” we wanted to convey a different message; they were not teachers in the traditional sense of the word, and “group facilitator” was too broad a term for our purpose.

He told us: Having high expectations for the students is the key. You have to keep them up, and not only let them know that you believe in them, but that you actually expect them to do the hard work. Being out here first thing in the morning lets me do my little informal pep talks and start the day on point: It’s all about the learning. Whether principals were detached or hands-on administrators did not matter as long as we were successful in communicating with them. When we met with principals, we were careful to describe the particular segment of the student body we wished to work with, why we wanted to work with them, and what the school could expect as a result of our work.

He said: This notebook? I carry it everywhere I go. I have a stack of them. I use it in every meeting I attend. I write down the people who were there and even a little diagram as to where everyone was sitting. I Community, Contributions, and Credibility 27 have a record of everything that was important to me that happened in all of the places I go. This helps me plan, remember, and organize my work. It’s very simple, it’s not flashy, but it works for me. You all will probably be using something like this one day; I suggest you do, because a lot happens, and it happens fast—you need your own record of what’s going down.

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