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By Mario Affatigato

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Offers a cutting-edge number of fresh papers on glass and optical fabrics as offered on the sixth Pacific Rim convention on Glass and Optical fabrics. Sections on constitution and homes, optical functions, glass modeling, and commercial purposes are included.Content:

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C. Strain, O. K. D. Rabuck, K. B. V. Ortiz, Q. G Baboul, S. Clifford. J. B. Stefanov, G Liu, A. Liashenko, P. Piskorz, I. L. Martin, DJ. Fox, T. A. Y. Peng, A. Nanayakkara, M. W. Gill, B. Johnson, W. W. Wong, C. A. Pople. , Pittsburgh, PA (2003). 8 0. Lindqvist, "Refinement of the Structure of 0C-TeO2," Ada Chem. Scand, 22, 977-82 (1968). 9 D. Cachau-Herreillat, A. Norbert, M. Maurin, and E. /. , 37, 352-61 (1981). A. A. B. Ross, T. C. Ermler "Ab initio relativistic effective potentials with spin-orbit operators.

H. Kim, and J. Heo, "Crossrelaxations between and Multiphonon Relaxation of Near-Infrared Excited States of Pr3+ Ions in Selenide Glasses," Chem. Phys. , 368, 625-29 (2003). 3 J. C. Philips, "Topology of Covalent Non-Crystalline Solids I: Short-Range Order in Chalcogenide Alloys," J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 34, 153-81 (1979). 4 J. C. Philips, "Topology of Covalent Non-Crystalline Solids II: Medium-Range Order in Chalcogenide Alloys and As-Si(Ge)," J. Non-Cryst. Solids, 43, 37-77 (1981). 5 K. Tankaka, "Structural Phase Transitions in Chalcogenide Glasses," Phys.

2. Measured lifetimes plotted as a function of MCN. MEASURED LIFETIMES Transition rate (£ ), which is reciprocal of the measured lifetime (r ), of an excited state inside the 4/configuration of rare earth ions in a solid dielectric host can be written as k = --kr+k„r + kmp, where kr, km, and k represent spontaneous radiative emission rate, nonradiative emission rate, and multiphonon relaxation rate, respectively. Here, kr is affected not only by the crystal field parameters of the active ions but also by dielectric constant (ε, ) of the host, and writes as K=fe°r%o, where kr0 denotes the intrinsic electric-dipole transition rate.

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