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By William H. TeBrake

ISBN-10: 0812215265

ISBN-13: 9780812215267

Starting as a chain of scattered rural riots in overdue 1323, peasant insurrection escalated right into a full-scale uprising that ruled public affairs in Flanders for almost 5 years. Following their very own leaders, peasants defied the authority of the count number of Flanders by way of riding his officers and their aristocratic allies from the nation-state. In a deadly disease of rebel, William H. TeBrake has written the 1st full-length account of the uprising.

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306 (italics mine). I single out this particular textbook not because it is worse than the others but because it is fairly typical in its treatment of peasant revolts. Indeed, in most respects, I consider it to be one of the best currently available and assign it in my own European Civilization course. 22. Mullett, Popular Culture and Popular Protest, p. " Barabara A. Hanawalt, Crime and Conflict in English Communities, 1300-1348 (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1979), pp. " There is little reason to believe that their equivalents in the remainder of Europe were much different.

Even the otherwise richly detailed survey of medieval Flemish history by David Nicholas, Medieval Flanders (London and New York: Longmans, 1992), passes over the revolt in a perfunctory fashion; see pp. 212-17. 6. Guy Fourquin, The Anatomy of Popular Rebellion in the Middle Ages, trans. Anne Chesters, Europe in the Middle Ages, Selected Studies (Amsterdam: North Holland Publishing, 1978), devotes less than two pages to the Flemish peasant revolt. Michel Mollat and Philippe Wolff, The Popular Revolutions of the Late Middle Ages, trans.

Today, it remains virtually unknown outside the Dutch or Flemish-speaking world. General histories of the late Middle Ages simply never mention it, 5 and the specialized historical literature is not much better. 6 Even within the Dutch-speaking world the Flemish revolt has never attracted the kind of attention it deserves. 7 An examination of some of the reasons for such neglect will help to define the present study. The Flemish peasant revolt remains largely unknown today partly because ordinary people simply have never figured very prominently in the historical literature of the late Middle Ages.

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