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By John Small, Simon Ross, Michael Witherick

ISBN-10: 034080713X

ISBN-13: 9780340807132

Small & Witherick's hugely winning dictionary has already, in its first 3 variations, proved its price as a entire advisor to the most important ideas, techniques, and terminology of up to date geography. This new, obtainable variation displays advancements within the self-discipline when you consider that 1995. protecting either human and actual geography, this dictionary is an important reference for undergraduate geography scholars.

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Owing to the moderate rainfall, ELUVIATION and LEACHING do take place, though not excessively so. The SOIL PROFILE of a brown soil is less clearly divided into horizons than that of, say, a PODSOL. Beneath a surface A° layer of leaves and mull humus, the A-HORIZON is brown and weakly eluviated. g. by sesquioxides of iron washed in from above). Brown soils are generally regarded as being fertile and well suited to arable farming. brownfield site Land that has been used, abandoned (DERELICT LAND) and now awaits some new use.

Running water, however, plays no part in the deposition of boulder clay, hence its unstratified nature and the dominance of angular rock particles. Boulder clay is a weak and unconsolidated deposit that is readily eroded, particularly when exposed at the coast. boundary The dividing line between one political STATE and another. g. geological outcrops, climatic types, economic regions, social areas). Cf BORDER, FRONTIER. bounded rationality A concept of BEHAVIOURAL GEOGRAPHY put forward as a reaction to the established view of the decision-maker as a rational economic person.

BREACHED ANTICLINE] block disintegration The breakdown of rock into large blocks by both MECHANICAL WEATHERING and CHEMICAL WEATHERING. The process depends on the existence of lines of weakness (fissures, JOINTS and BEDDING PLANES) that can be penetrated by WEATHERING agents, particularly acidic rainwater. One major form of block disintegration results from the freezing of water that has entered cracks in the rock. The consequent expansion by 9% in volume as the water freezes to form ice causes the wedging apart of cracks and, eventually, the physical disintegration of the rock.

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