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A vintage in its box, enjoyed by means of teachers and scholars for its narrative aptitude, humor, authority, and complete insurance. greater than 100,000 copies sold!

on hand in either one-volume and two-volume paperback variations, A historical past of contemporary Europe offers a breathtaking survey of contemporary Europe from the Renaissance to the current day. A unmarried writer lends a unified method and constant type all through, with an emphasis at the connections of occasions and other people over time.

The 3rd variation, just like the prior to it, is authoritative and up to date. New to the 3rd variation is the topic of empire. From the imperial rivalries among France and Spain within the 16th and 17th centuries, in the course of the upward push and fall of the Ottoman Turkish empire, and on into the imperial historical past of the 20 th century―decolonization, the unfold of the Soviet empire, and the imperial strength of the United States―the topic of empire is helping scholars locate commonalities one of the occasions of ecu historical past.

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Rehgious (as well as racial and cultural) intolerance has scarred the European experience, ranging from the expulsion of Jews and Muslims from Spain at the end of the fifteenth century, to Louis XIVs abrogation of rehgious toleration for Protestants during the seventeenth century, to the horror of the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. While religion has become less politically divisive in modern Europe, endemic religious conflict in Northern Ireland and the bloody civil war in Bosnia recall the ravaging of Central Europe during the Thirty Years'War.

The defeat of the Russian army by the Japanese in 1905 brought political concessions that helped prepare the way for the Russian Revolution of 1917. The German, Austro-Hungar-ian, Ottoman, and Russian empires disappeared in the wake of the bloodbath of World War I; the economic and social impact of that war generated political instability, facilitating the emergence of fascism and communism. Like politics, religion has also been a significant factor in the lives of Europeans and in the quest for freedom in the modern world.

2 ThE AgE OF EUROPEAN IMPERIALISM 959 From Colonialism to Imperialism 960 The *'New Imperialism" and the Scramble for Africa 963 British and French Imperial Rivalry • Germany and Italy Join the Race • Standoff in the Sudan: The Fashoda Affair • The British in South Africa and the Boer War xviii Contents The European Powers in Asia 977 India, Southeast Asia, and China • Japan and China: Contrasting Experiences • The United States in Asia Domination of Indigenous Peoples 984 Social Darwinism • Technological Domination and Indigenous Subversion • Imperial Economies • Colonial Administrations Assessing the Goals of European Imperialism 994 The "Civilizing Mission" • The Econom^ic Rationale • Imperialism and Nationalism Conclusion 1002 Chapter 2.

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