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Each number has — the five cases, 1. Nominative, 2. Genitive, 4. Accusative, 5. Vocative. 1. ) the mouse dalu Kuvi nouns have two numbers the Plural. ) Some nouns, expressing Singular and namely — 3. Dative, a collective sense, grains, are generally used in the plural as number. is there rice ? kulinga mannuki ? zonanga nehi ahi kampitu, cholam is well ripened 2. Some nouns using the singular only are habi- tually used with the verb in plural. mandija mannu there is cholam mannu palu mannu there is water there is milk loku manneri there are people noro wahimanneri people are coming.

Wedati lehe linzine this shines like the 4. to) postposition sun kuttu and daka are used only for temporal, never for local determination. ro warakuttu nomeri kajate I had fever one week long 5. The postposition eduru (before, in uses the Dative case. nange eduru watesi he came in front of me (towards me) front of) 55 The 6. postpositions ittala ^^^d attala are mostly connected with totto or padia (this side or the other side). Thus— i horu ittala totto piju padia karra mazze on this side of the ritte atihe attala there was rain, but on hill the other side there was sunshine.

Kokanai the boy kokarai the boys. 2. Example. N. mriesi the son mrika the sons G. mrieni of mrika of 43 I>. mrienaki to 0. mrienai the mrikaki mrikai mrikati or to ") ^^^ ^ Example. 3. N. tonesi the friend toneska the friends

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