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Loc. Instr. Soc. Dir. yakasan (N) yayaya yakaya, yakas (N) yayayata yayas yayan yakan yayawo yayata yahaya yanan yaiiawo To the sam e form s may be added the particles -hma, ■gu, -guli, very frequently in the youngest MSS. B. F o rm s fro m th e lo n g e r b a s e (kana-, yata-, bila-, 102 mSla-, nakala-'). 1 (a conditional). T he ending is -sa. Derived from this form is 2 (a concessive) w ith the ending -sa-mvoift, later -sa-narp (rarely -sa-naqi). —T he younger MSS have alternative form s, derived from A 5, e.

A. as a finite verb. a (a habitative). barak ju-tore. babun sisarapiva. l f. — Also of the past: thva dhunakava. 6 “ having finished this, they lived as friends (for a long tim e)”. P (a future), prasann ma julasa. 24 “ unless (you) have m ercy, m y husband will die together w ith the king”, thanl prabhat jus-tunam. 4 f. ( = . . 2) “ to-day, as soon as the day daw ns, the king will die” . b. as a relative participle. — abasyam 62 N r. 3. l "a thing th a t w ill necessarily happen” . 2 “ the prospective heirs” .

F. 5. — F or ba w hich is alw ays placed before the noun, is m ostly found ba chi, w hich usually com es after the noun. 6 “ half a m onth” , thava. ayu. 6 f. 2 “the nourishm ent of a w om an is twice as m uch as th at of a m an” . —pi lato ib. 5 “ during four months”. 11 “three days and nights” (= Sa. —pe-hm a. cya-hm a lok S 160‘*-l “seven, eight people” (lit. ” ). Note. With numerals the word for “day” is mostly hnu, instead of hni. A Grammar of the Classical Newarl. 47 VERBS Form and Inflection of the Verb.

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