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11). F/3PL: sok-k-u, 1PL: so-n-k-ummo, 2PL: sok-kin-i). These verb roots end in vowels, but behave as if they ended in consonants when they are followed by the consonant-initial suffixes. One could speculate that their archaic forms are da- and sok-, respectively (Hudson 1989), and the rootfinal consonants still show up in those suffixed forms.

It is divided into two phases, first-fourth grades and fifth-eighth grades, and children are expected to complete at least the first phase. High school education is given to ninth and tenth graders, and after finishing it, tenth graders take a national examination if they wish to spend the next two years in a preparatory school for college or to attend a one- or two-year vocational school. The instruction of language at school in the Sidaama zone was Amharic until about 1994, when the new government permitted the use of local languages for education; since then, the language of instruction has been Sidaama (Alemu and Tekleselassie 2006).

1-1PL ass-i-n-u-mmo. ’ fuss-i-n-u-mmo. ’ seekk-i-n-u-mmo. ’ In Sidaama, two different obstruents cannot form a cluster, either. When the /t/initial and /n/-initial suffixes follow a stem ending in a single obstruent (that is preceded by a vowel), another morphophonemic process like metathesis or assimilatory gemination occurs. On the other hand, the middle suffix and the /s/-initial suffixes still use epenthesis for such a stem (the middle suffix is preceded by the epenthetic vowel when the middle form is constructed by adding the middle suffix to the root; as discussed later, the middle may be formed by glottalizing and geminating the root-final consonant).

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