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This booklet is a close top quality descriptive grammar of the endangered Cavine?±a language (less than 1200 speakers), spoken within the Amazonian rainforest of Lowland Bolivia, a space the place the indigenous languages are almost unknown. Cavine?±a belongs to the Tacanan relations, comprising 5 languages, none of which has been the topic of an enough descriptive grammar. The grammar is primarily based at the huge fieldwork performed by way of the writer in conventional Cavine?±a groups. solid within the functional-typological framework, and according to typical discourse facts, the grammar offers a close and copiously exemplified account of so much features of the language, build up from uncomplicated degrees (phonetic and phonological) to better degrees (morphological and syntactic), and from short descriptions of every point to a extra finished description of an analogous point in particular chapters. The language includes a variety of strange beneficial properties that may be of curiosity to typologist linguists, corresponding to an strange pitch accessory approach, a morpho-phonological rule that deletes?  case markers, an complicated predicate constitution, a approach of verbal suffixes coding linked movement, a unusual prefix e?  that attaches to nouns coding physique elements and a posh procedure of moment place clitic pronouns. The grammar can be of curiosity to historical-comparative linguists, as for the 1st time one has sufficiently distinctive grammatical info to make attainable a competent comparability with different languages with which Tacanan languages can be similar, particularly the Panoan relatives, and to function enter into hypotheses concerning the inhabitants historical past of this a part of South the US.

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10. Writing systems Cavineña was first written when SIL missionaries began studying in Bolivia, starting with Key (1963b). Key’s system is based on the Spanish orthography. For example the phoneme /k/ is written qu before front vowels i and e and c before non-front vowels a and u. 11. Illustrative examples 17 Key’s (1963b) alphabet was slightly modified in the subsequent work by Camp and/or Liccardi. They notably left out a grapheme for a glottal stop and a liquid l — these are not independent phonemes in the language.

18b) (word medially). 18) a. iba e-ba aba uba [ ba] b. 3. Syllable structure The canonical Cavineña syllable structure is (C)V. Both V and CV syllables can occur either word initially or word internally. 19), where syllables are separated by a dot symbol.

One has to boil or filter water and sleep on a mat on the floor. Chairs and tables are always hard to find. One hardly eats anything other than rice, manioc and bananas, occasionally complemented by fish, chicken or scarce jungle meat. Access to the communities is difficult and hazardous, often requiring several days on rivers and/or non-asphalted roads. The difficulties of fieldwork in Amazonian Bolivia (and many other parts of Amazonia) most likely explains why so little linguistic work has been done in that part of the world and so little is known about these languages.

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