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By William B. McGregor

ISBN-10: 9027230250

ISBN-13: 9789027230256

This quantity units out to supply a accomplished description of the grammar of Gooniyandi, a non-Pama-Nyungan language of the southern-central Kimberley zone of Western Australia. It covers phonetics and phonology, be aware word and clause constitution, and the semantics of closed-class grammatical goods. the most important concentration is, despite the fact that, on that means: how do Gooniyandi audio system suggest with and of their language. To this finish, the theoretical framework of systemic practical grammar, quite as elaborated in Halliday's contemporary paintings, is followed. sure refinements to the idea are proposed so one can larger account for the Gooniyandi proof. Of noticeable value to these learning Australian aboriginal languages, this paintings has an significance to a much broader viewers for its powerful presentation of idea justification.

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In seeking a translation for an English prompt,6 it seemed that the Gooniyandi speaker first imagined some context in which the English sentence might be uttered, and then found n suitable Gooniyandi sentence which would have roughly t11c surnc sense in 1hat context. The problem was that I had no access to the imagined context As a consequence, it was necessary to modify my method of elicitation so as to circumscribe, and gain some control of the conteXL'>. This was dnne by verbally constructing imaginary and real scenarios, especially ones of which both participants (Gooniyandi speaker and linguist) had some knowkdge.

Joking behaviour is still in evidence amongst Gooniyandi people, and its verbal manifestation is not restricted to the traditional language. I have observed such interactions (involving young children and adults, who later claimed to be in the appropriate kin-relations to the children) conducted in Kriol (Hudson 1983). g. Dixon 1972 and 1977). The Gooniyandi appear to have had no particular term for this variety. There is, however, a verb goonmeaning 'to speak shamefacedly, to avoid speaking directly to', which is clearly cognate with the Bunuba term for the avoidance style, gun-gunma (Rumsey 1982a:160).

For a more detailed discussion of the feature system, see McGregor (forthcoming-b). The features, intentionally language specific, are chosen so as to: (a) account for allophonic variation in a revealing way; (b) enable general statements of phonotactic patterns; and (c) permit economical and perspicuous statements of morphophonemic alternations. Economy of features is not seen as a goal in itself. And it is not claimed that this is the only, or even the best, possible system. The feature oppositions are all binary and may be classified as either equipollent or privative (Trubetzkoy 1969).

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