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Which book did you file t [without believing [Mary would like e]] b. which book did you file t [without believing [e would please Mary ]] c. which book did you file t [without believing [that e would please Mary]] The factual assumption was that (131b) was less acceptable than (131a); then (131b) could be considered an ECP violation, so that it is not formed by movement of an empty category, which would permit e to be properly governed by its antecedent. I noted that the status of (131c), which is considerably less acceptable than (131b), thus remained unexplained.

We interviewed them [before we admitted those students] c. we interviewed [their parents] [before we admitted those students] In (142a) they cannot bind those students, which it c-commands, a typical instance of binding theory condition C. In (142c), however, this constraint does not hold because their does not c-command those students. In (142b) binding of those students by them appears to have a status intermediate between that of the ungrammatical (142a) and the grammatical (142c). If this fact is taken to show that in (142b) them does c-command those students, then t c-commands e in (141).

19) . . α . . [γ . . δ . . β . . ] Let us formulate the condition as follows: (90) α does not govern β in (19) if γ is a projection of δ excluding α. Thus, δ "protects" β from government by α even though γ may not be a barrier or even a maximal projection. A narrower formulation of the Minimality Condition adds the requirement (91): (91) γ immediately dominates β. We thus extend the concept of barrier defined earlier to include the following case, for the theory of government but not the theory of movement: (92) γ is a barrier for β if γ is (a projection, the immediate projection) of δ, a zero-level category distinct from β.

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