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The most aim of the ebook is to provide a scientific account of the constructional mechanisms that underlie deverbal nominalization. Such an account strongly demands a sensible instead of simply structural technique simply because nominalizations are primarily sensible re-classifications of verbal predicates into nominal buildings. The argument is fortyfied by way of an in depth dialogue of a few nominalization platforms (i.e. deverbal -er nominalizations, gerundive nominals and that-nominalizations). This ebook is of curiosity to all researchers in cognitive and useful linguistics.

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That of the construction itself. 3. A functional approach to classification Symbolic units are typically assigned to particular classes because of their (external) behaviour in larger configurations and, in some cases, because of basic semantic features which they have. e. , Halliday 1961; Quirk et al. 1985; McGregor 1997). The class of the noun phrase or nominal, for instance, is thus characterized as a class of symbolic units which "typically functions as subject, object, and complement of clauses and as complement of prepositional phrases" (Quirk et al.

Logically) (Halliday 1979: 59). hi the clause, for instance, the grammatical system of transitivity, which construes the world Functional layers of organization 31 into a set of process types and participants, is basically experiential in function. The function of Actor served by the duke in example (1) is an experiential function. , those two splendid old electric trains, with trains as head; Halliday 1994: 191). , making assertions, asking questions, giving orders). e. for grounding it in the speech event.

An example of framing is formed by inter-clausal relationships whereby one of the clauses expresses 'represented speech': like "a frame around a picture, the representing clause delineates the represented clause from its context... indicating that it is to be viewed or evaluated in a different way" (McGregor 1997: 253). 5. Constructions and the relations between them [The] Language system involves regularly recurring patterns in sentence structures. Such recurrent patterns within sentences, however, do not exhaust the system of a language.

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