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By W. H. B. Smith

;A uncomplicated handbook of army Small fingers КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: A simple handbook of army Small fingers Автор: W.H.B.Smith Издательство:Military carrier Publishing Год: 1943 Язык: english Страниц: 218 Формат: pdf Размер: 60,65(+3%)mbОсновные руководства по армейскому стрелковому оружию, американскому, британскому, русскому, германскому, итальянскому, японскому и других стран. Скачатьifolderзеркало zero

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W. Greenaway (London, 1953), no. 27. An aubergel was a mail shirt, similar to the lorica but lighter and with shorter sleeves; see D. Nicolle, Medieval Warfare Sourcebook, Volume I: Warfare in Western Christendom (London, 1995), 135. A wambasia was also called a gambeson, or a quilted coat of fabric to be worn underneath armor; see M. Bennett, Dictionary of Ancient and Medieval Warfare (Mechanicsburg, 1998), 125. 91 Chronica magistri Rogeri de Houedene, ed. W. Stubbs, 4 vols. 253; translation of the terms is from The Annals of Roger de Hoveden, trans.

22. 4; cf. Valerius Maximus, Memorable Doings and Sayings, trans. S. Bailey, Loeb Classical Library, 2 vols. 12; cf. 18. 19. 5. 10. 21; cf. 60–61. 3; in Letters1, no. 110, the more general domo, or “household” appears, which does not contain the specifically military aspect. For retinues or the familia 20 chapter one Not the Chivalric Ideal? There are clear implications of the analysis of John of Salisbury’s language in regard to knights. With the single exception of equitarius in the Historia Pontificalis, none of the forms of eques in John’s works refer with certainty to actual medieval knights.

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