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By Alexandra Chauran

ISBN-10: 0738746460

ISBN-13: 9780738746463

Rework your lifestyles in strong methods with the easy practices during this 365-day guidebook. Devoting quite a few moments on a daily basis on your spirit creates a long-lasting feel of pleasure, stability, and function on your existence.

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Then what need is there to trouble yourself with negotiating the Way in zazen? Answer 16: Such words are especially meaningless. Were things as you portray them, would not all spiritually perceptive persons be able to arrive at understanding merely by being taught such words? Understand that the Buddha Dharma consists above all in practice that strives to eliminate views that distinguish self and other. Were the Way attained by knowing your self is Buddha, Shakyamuni would not have troubled himself as he did long ago to lead others to enlightenment.

Question 9: Did the teachers of earlier times understand this Dharma (zazen)? Answer 9: If they had, they would have made it known. 45. Nan-yüeh Huai-jang. CTL, ch. 5. 46. Pen-ching of Ssu-k’ung shan, 667–761. CTL, ch. 5. 47. This probably refers to such teachers as Kûkai and Saichô, mentioned before. BENDÔWA 21 Question 10: Some have said: “Do not concern yourself about birth-and-death. There is a way to promptly rid yourself of birth-and-death. ’ The gist of it is this: although once the body is born it proceeds inevitably to death, the mind-nature never perishes.

He asked them for instruction, and they jestingly replied that they would oblige him if he treated them to a feast. Having finished their meal, they directed the old man to sit upright in a corner. ” But with that, the old monk actually did attain the first stage toward his goal. They continued to bounce the ball against his head, each time in a different corner, each time assuring him that he had reached the second, third, and fourth stages, and the monk, each time the ball bounced from his head, did attain each of the stages, including the fourth and highest.

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