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By Theo Papas

Nation. Freedom. Democracy.
How a lot may you sacrifice to guard them?

480 B. C.
Proud Xerxes, Emperor of Persia and King of Kings, invades Greece with one million infantrymen. He instructions millions of ships and is supported via dozens of allies, between them the fascinating Queen Artemisia.
Against him stand a number of Greek opponents and made up our minds males - Leonidas and his 300 Spartans on dry land, the personification of bravery and patriotism; and Themistocles and the fleet of Athens at the sea, the incarnation of ingenuity and process.
Can they cease him?


An epic ebook concerning the first nice warfare in historical past, a warfare that determined the destiny of humanity, western civilization and democracy.
A difficult yet deeply human novel approximately honor, dignity and tragic love overwhelmed among the blade of a sword and the blood of conflict.

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This view owes much to hindsight, our desire to explain the rise of Christianity. An enduring source of strength of pagan cults was precisely their local and formal character: the gods of one's own city and country watched over places familiar and significant, bound up with the life cycle of the individual and the group. The holy places of one's land had each been touched by a particular god for reasons known to the community. Here were powerful roots, with which the new religions of Roman times offered little to compete, until the rise of the cult of saints.

G. Rougemont, BCH 97 (1973) 75-106; F. J. Fernandez Nieto, Los acuerdos belicos en la anligua Grecia I (Santiago de Compostela 1975) 147-184. Page 12 derives from classical Athens, defining the dates of the for attendance at the Mysteries (IG I3 6B). On its face, the effect is the same as with inviolability. 41 Thus the two items, one old and a regular condition of great games, the other a novel title for a place, apparently were not felt to overlap or compete. 42 This does not account for the instances (the large majority) where no such games are present.

44 Such statements prove nothing singular about the community or its status. But it was a common notion in ancient Greece that, just as sanctity of person is accompanied by immunity from violence, a community of such people might live a "sacred life," characterized by neutrality. " Herodotus describes the Scythian Argippaeans: "No one of mankind wrongs () these people, for they are said to be sacred (); nor have they possessed themselves of any weapon of war. "45 He regards them as strange 40. 10) even speaks against exercising the right of reprisal on holy days of the Athenian sacred calendar.

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