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By Jun Mitani

ISBN-10: 1498765351

ISBN-13: 9781498765350

Easily Create Origami with Curved Folds and Surfaces

Origami―making shapes merely via folding―reveals a desirable sector of geometry woven with a number of representations. the area of origami has stepped forward dramatically because the introduction of desktop courses to accomplish the mandatory computations for origami design.

3D Origami Art offers the layout tools underlying 3D creations derived from computation. It contains a variety of images and layout drawings known as crease styles, that are to be had for obtain at the author’s site. throughout the book’s transparent figures and outlines, readers can simply create geometric 3D buildings out of a suite of traces and curves drawn on a second plane.

The writer makes use of a number of shapes of sheets comparable to rectangles and usual polygons, rather than sq. paper, to create the origami. a number of the origami creations have a 3D constitution composed of curved surfaces, and a few of them have complex types. despite the fact that, the historical past concept underlying the entire creations is especially easy. the writer indicates how assorted origami types are designed from a standard theory.

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In the actual finishing step, you close the workpiece as you twist it. This stabilizes the shape. As seen in candy boxes, this structure is very useful because it never unfolds itself. In this book, this structure is called a twist closing. 18b. This is the same as the flat-pleat cone type. 19a, the top is tightly closed. 18 Twist-closing structure on flat-pleat cylinder type. 19 Twist-closing structure on flat-pleat cone type. 19b crease pattern. 15. 8 Solid with Curved Surfaces A solid having smoothly curved surfaces can be created by curving the cross section of an axisymmetric solid.

6b has the second and fourth valley fold lines from the left reversed with respect to the vertical mountain fold line. This simple operation can reverse the orientation of a pleat. 6, a small alteration greatly changes the impression. Note that the twist-closing structure cannot be made if some pleats are oppositely oriented from others because the pleats in this structure must always be overlapped in the same direction. For the original solid, the component arrangement interval can be set freely.

5). This is the same as connecting twist folds on page XIII. 3 A 3D-pleat–type arrangement on tiling pattern. 4 Four-connector units connected. 5 Connecting flat-pleat type. 6. ) The number of connectors is four for squares and three for hexagons. Similar to the 3D-pleat type, the flatpleat–type 3D origami can also be arranged on a plane if the last segment of the cross section is horizontal. 6 Two patterns capable of arranging flat-pleat type. 7 Flat-pleat type connectors and how they are connected.

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