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Every minute, 30,000–40,000 skin cells drop off your body. Godfrey Hill, from the UK, has ten complete fingers and two thumbs, and has been accused of being an alien or the Messiah. If you try to stop yourself from throwing up by closing your mouth, the vomit will just come out of your nose. ECA6087C-5717-411F-85E9-72349DFE15C2 You will produce about 33,000 litres (8,700 gallons) of urine in your life. qxd 20/2/07 11:14 am Page 42 42 1001 Horrible Facts Bedouin wedding feasts sometimes include a roast camel, stuffed with a sheep, stuffed with chickens, stuffed with fish, stuffed with eggs.

Horrible Food Facts Cibreo is an Italian dish that consists of the cooked combs from roosters. qxd 20/2/07 11:14 am Page 52 52 1001 Horrible Facts Some Arctic explorers have been poisoned by eating polar bear liver. The polar bear eats so much fish that fatal levels of Vitamin D collect in its liver. A restaurant in Pennsylvania, USA, offers a hamburger that weighs 4 kilograms (9 pounds). No one has yet managed to finish one. The Chinese make a soup from the swim bladder of fish. It’s the organ that helps fish to stay at the right depth and upright in the water, and is rather spongy.

ECA6087C-5717-411F-85E9-72349DFE15C2 Most US states don’t allow alcohol or tobacco in a prisoner’s last meal. Horrible Food Facts Eels are sold live in markets around the world and killed just before cooking – or before putting in the bag to go home, if you don’t want the bag wriggling all the way. qxd 20/2/07 11:14 am Page 60 60 1001 Horrible Facts Cow’s tongue is often sold with the salivary glands – the parts that make spit – ready for boiling. 3 kilograms (5 pounds). In Europe, some people make blood pudding from the blood of a pig or cow mixed with rice, milk and sugar and then baked.

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